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Single Mom Chic Shares the Secret to Finding Love

I often get asked questions about dating. It’s probably the second most frequent thing I am asked about outside of wardrobe questions. I can see why someone might think I am the resident single mom/single woman dating expert. I did spend 13 years in the field.  I also have a pretty awesome husband now. We… Continue reading Single Mom Chic Shares the Secret to Finding Love

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How to create the #nomakeuplook

Right now there is a celebrity movement going on that is causing some women to question their daily routines. The beautiful Alicia Keys has been at the forefront of the #nomakeup movement. According to her she just wants to be free. Now, as a non-celebrity I don’t equate my freedom to whether or not I… Continue reading How to create the #nomakeuplook

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Why My Planner Is Life

The other day my daughter went to one of her favorite stores-Paper Source. Paper Source carries all things paper of course. They have personalized invitations, calendars, books and a cute/cheeky gift section. She mentioned flippantly that they were having a planner sale. “Who carries a paper planner in 2016?” she asked. “I do!” I replied.… Continue reading Why My Planner Is Life

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How I Prep My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, seeing all the posts about pumpkin spice lattes lets me know that even though the temps are still warm, fall is upon us. I absolutely love this season. Though I am no longer #teampumpkinspice, I do appreciate all things fall. My favorite thing, next to the cooler temps and… Continue reading How I Prep My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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It’s all About The Fit Baby

If you have been on social media lately you may have heard of a little controversy going on about #teacherbae. Apparently a teacher’s aide wore a figure hugging dress to school and posted a pic on social media. Bodygate followed as people weighed in on the controversy taking opposing sides. I usually try to steer clear… Continue reading It’s all About The Fit Baby

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What’s in Single Mom Chic’s Bag?

After my 7 Chic Bags  I keep in Rotation post I received a reader request to do a What’s in My handbag post. I hesitated because I don’t really think the contents of my bag are all that interesting but then I remembered how much I like those Inside My Bag posts myself. It isn’t about having… Continue reading What’s in Single Mom Chic’s Bag?

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5 Simple Fall Basics for Your Capsule Wardrobe

I apologize for my late post this weekend, but I had a house full of family for the Labor Day Weekend and although I had the best of intentions I just couldn’t get away to post. Sometimes, especially when it comes to spending time with people you love, you just have to enjoy the moment… Continue reading 5 Simple Fall Basics for Your Capsule Wardrobe