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How to Be Your Very Own Trophy Wife

How to Be Your Very Own Trophy Wife Yes, you read that correctly. I am going to tackle a subject that might make some people cringe. The idea of being a trophy wife conjures up images that really aren’t seen as flattering or particularly positive. We often visualize a much younger woman married to a

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Single Mom Chic’s Favorite Beauty Things

Okay, admittedly I am obsessed with Oprah and I always loved her Favorite Things episodes. While we no longer get to watch (with fascination and a tinge of envy) her dole out these things to the eager audience members lucky enough to be in those seats during this show (some of you younger readers might not even

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How to Get Good Skin

My pursuit of the perfect foundation has been like chasing a magical unicorn. Every time a product promises me matte or dewy, natural perfection, I am sold. I am hopeful each time before my application of the radiance-enhancing product I hold in my hand. I have tried mineral powders, liquids, powder to liquid, tinted moisturizers,

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